A picture from that morning, taken by a better photographer than me.

Finding Legend

This morning as I sit in the 8th Avenue Starbucks, attempting to wax poetic about my life, John Legend keeps popping up on the speakers. And every time I hear his silky voice, I remember the summer of 2007.

It was Jennifer’s (older sister) turn to pick a family trip. And we came to New York City. We went to a Michael Buble concert at Radio City Music Hall, visited the MoMA and saw two Broadway shows, The Drowsy Chaperone and much to my father’s dismay, A Chorus Line. 

But there was one morning, my mother and I decided it would be fun to walk down and stand outside of Good Morning America’s window. My friend Melissa just happened to be in town at the same time, and we made plans to meet her there.

Now when it comes to directions, I had perhaps the most over-inflated ego of any recent high school graduate  (a condition that still ails me). So I told my mother, as I did when she was in town last month, not to worry I would figure out how to get where we were going.

So I demanded we wander South from our 45th Street and Broadway hotel, thinking I was headed in the correct direction. Before we knew it we were at Bryant Park and I was beginning to feel insecure in my navigation abilities.

My mother, in an attempt to give me minimal grief, looked around and pointed out a mainstage that had been set up with a banner above that said  Good Morning America. The concert series in the park! Of course I had done this on purpose.  There was no way to tell who would take the stage, but in an attempt to turn my inability to read a map into an adventure, we decided to stay. I called my friend Melissa and said “Bryant Park, Concert!” If we missed each other, we made plans to meet at the Starbucks on the edge of the park afterward.

A picture from that morning, taken by a better photographer than me.

And who should take the stage, but John Legend? This was better than standing at the window and waving like a pair of idiots. He sang “Ordinary People” and “P.D.A.” which would forever remind my mother and I of that morning.

We found Melissa afterward and the three of us walked back to our hotels. Melissa and I made plans to move to NYC together after college (she had one more year of high school), after all – this is the most exciting city in the country. Where else could you get lost and find yourself a few yards from a John Legend concert?

And here I am. Sitting in the Starbucks on 8th Avenue.

I haven’t talked to Melissa in years. And I often wonder if one day in my small world, I’ll run into her and we’ll laugh about the day I got lost and found something better than I expected?

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One thought on “Finding Legend

  1. I always believed in your ability to get somewhere even better than where you thought you were going! Still do!

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