Sound off: Madonna’s halftime show

I was not especially interested in the Super Bowl this year — as evidenced by my slightly snarky, but not-so-clever Live Tweeting of the event. But I was fascinated by Madonna’s display at half time. What began as this post-modern melting of ancient art and pop music, ended with an underwhelming non-specific message of “WORLD PEACE.” Besides that, it was as though she called up every celefriend and asked them to perform with her ¬†(I sort of imagine, Cee Lo Green and company were the hodge-podge who didn’t say no).

And she became Lady Gaga’s precursor and wanna-be with her array of ostentatious costumes and ridiculous dance moves – homegirl¬†should not attempt acrobatics on stage at her age. Take cartwheels off the special skills section of your resume.

One thing I will say for Madge: She looks good!

For what it’s worth, she was out there.

But is that really what we’re going to ask of performers?

I don’t even know what I think about this one.

Any reasonable explanations out there?

Watch the halftime show here.



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One thought on “Sound off: Madonna’s halftime show

  1. Keep working ,splendid job!

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